‘Nobody has a stellar record’: Popular food delivery apps may be advertising wrong prices, menus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you’re thinking about ordering delivery for dinner or lunch, take note. There are so many ways to get food delivered now with the different food apps, but they aren’t without their problems.

In fact, Eyewitness News anchor John Paul found some local restaurants are fighting these companies and asking them not to deliver their food.

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The Loyalist Market in Matthews is a popular spot and owner Chris Sottile said he takes his reputation seriously, but it came as a surprise when he started getting phone calls from third party delivery companies like DoorDash and GrubHub trying to order things that were not on his menu.

“We had one of their reps call the other day and ask for a cheese and charcuterie board sandwich, and I said ‘That doesn’t exist,’” Sottile said.

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He said he never authorized the companies to deliver his food and when he looked into it, a menu was posted on food delivery apps and it wasn’t even accurate.

“There were items that we hadn’t had on our menu for over a year that were still posted on there,” Sottile said. “Prices were wrong.”

Tom Bartholomy with the Better Business Bureau said companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats have “F” ratings, based on customer complaints, and others are not doing much better.

He said he could not get his head around why a company would misrepresent a menu.

“Nobody has a stellar record in this industry right now,” Bartholomy said. “I don’t know why they would do because obviously we can see through the complaints. It causes everyone a problem.”

The Loyalist contacted the delivery services and asked them to stop taking orders for its food and that has worked for some companies, but Channel 9 found GrubHub still advertising delivery from The Loyalist. It even had some items that are not on the menu like “Gold Roast Beef.”

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For Sottile, he said he would rather meet his customers in person.

“We’re happy to do take out for customers who come in and grab it themselves, but we’d still like to see their smiling face instead of GrubHub or DoorDash come in,” Sottile said.

Channel 9 reached out to the food delivery companies.

GrubHub sent a statement saying, “We’ll add restaurants to our marketplace when we see local diners demand for delivery. We work to provide accurate menus and hours for these restaurants on our marketplace based on available information online.”