How To Remove Postmates Links In Google Local Knowledge Panel

One of the more annoying things I run into with the Google local panels is a link to order online that simply does not work. In fact, I see it so often that I do not trust the links Google shows in the local knowledge panel. Instead, I go directly to the business web site to check if they have online ordering instead.

One of the bigger problems seems to be with a company called Postmates. You often see local businesses show up with Postmates links for ordering in the Google local panel. Here is one example:

But when you look at the Google My Business dashboard, there is no such link for the local business provider to remove:

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Joy Hawkins spoke with Google who told her that there are two options to remove this:

(1) Call Postmates and ask them to remove you; you can do that by calling (888) 815-7726.

(2) Use this opt out of online food ordering form, even if you do not sell food, and select the ones you want removed.

Katie Butler also posted a bit more options on her blog about this, which is super helpful.

But truth is, as a searcher, this stinks. Most of these businesses have no clue about their listings or how to remove these links. Google needs a validation method before adding such links to these profiles. Mostly because this leads to a bad search experience.

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The URL to stop these companies from hijacking your business through Google is