Grubhub in hot water with local businesses for alleged unethical business practices


Mandy’s Pizza and Kelly O’s Diner are just two businesses who contend that the Grubhub food delivery service has captured their online menus and delivered their food without consent.

Grubhub is “hijacking our menu,” says Lynn DiFilippo, part owner of Kelly O’s Diner. “They’re taking our menu and using it for themselves to turn a profit, which is quite frankly, just sickening.”

DiFilippo says Grubhub drivers pose as regular customers, pick up food, and sometimes take as long as 60 to 90 minutes to get it to the customer.

Sometimes the order is incorrect, she says, but the real dig is that Grubhub is charging customers a delivery fee and service fee, while not having a formal agreement with the business to deliver their food. The delivery fee is $5.99 and the service fee is $5.49, plus tax and driver tip.

“My problem with Grubhub is that they are offering their services to a customer base, without telling specific restaurants they’ve been added to their sites,” says Steven Negri, owner of Mandy’s Pizza.

In his case, Grubhub is delivering food without consent and taking business away from his own delivery service. “When they’re coming to pick up an order, that’s money they’re taking from our staff, because our drivers should be making those deliveries.”

A spokesperson in Grubhub’s Chicago headquarters says Mandy’s Pizza and Kelly O’s Diner have been removed from their database, and they will further investigate claims made by Negri and DiFilippo.