What are you losing to GrUberDash?

Your Profits?
Your Customers?
Your Reputation?

A Big Problem

Delivery is huge, and customers expect you to offer it.

But the GrUberDash model is built at the expense of the Independent Restaurant.


At an average of 25%-30% (and UP!), delivery takes a huge bite.

There's no diminishing cost of customer acquisition.


Charging for fake orders?
Stealing business through fake websites?
Taking tips from drivers?

They do all that and MORE!


That customer of yours who now orders delivery? That's their customer now. Messed up delivery? It's your Yelp rating that takes the hit.

They grow their sales at the expense of your brand.

Worth Solving

75% customers order more with delivery
75% customers order more online
margins for off-premises are high
more, better, cheaper ways to engage with customers when you have their data

Our Mission: Make Delivery Work for Independent Restaurants

By its nature, delivery is a hyper-local business.
Many problems with Gruberdash are caused by having no local presence.

Bring the value of local ownership and local relationships to your business.

Plug-and-play technology and services to save you money and give your customers what they are looking for without the burden on your time and resources.

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